Pageant Veteran: The ten-year journey of the new Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Queen Isabella Agbor Ayuk.

By Xclusive Reporter

The recently held fanfare of beauty and the nation's most prestigious pageantry event, Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN), would have been close to losing its credibility if tales flying around the organization and choice of her new Queen is anything to go by.

The coveted event, which before now has been adjudged the best in Nigeria, has no doubt allowed itself either to be fooled or the management is rather fooling itself. There's no gain saying that its silver jubilee celebration which was held on Saturday, 5 May in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria might probably be the most controversial ever in the anal of the pageant which ranked second in age and for sure the most consistent in organization.

According to viewers and analysts, the new MBGN Queen has been described as pageant veteran and this is simply because the old lady has been a crown loving desperado for more than a decade, at least she has been contesting for pageants for quite more than ten years before luck eventually smiled on her via the MBGN crown.

The eventual emergence of Isabella Ayuk as the 25th Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria has given credence to the fact that, it's either the judges who in the first place are not qualified to be on the panel are not thorough enough or that the organizers have been allegedly induced to trade the 2012 historic Crown.

Those who know the Queen, Isabella Ayuk, like the back of their hands disclosed that her first shot in pageant was in 2002 when she was in her 200 level at the University of Calabar at 21, that time she contested in the school pageant and was unlucky to make it before she tried the MBGN in 2004 without luck.

She was again seen on the stage during the organization of the Queen of South South Nigeria in 2007, a pageant she put her desperation and connection to test in order to walk tall. She was crowned the Queen of South South Nigeria, and as if that was not enough, Isabella met a young man, Mathew, then a franchise holder of the Miss Global International pageant in Jamaica, in 2009. On account of her connection with money bags, Isabella was hand-picked to represent Nigeria when she agreed to sponsor herself for the international pageant in Jamaica...

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